Alan Lomax and the Death of Jelly Roll Morton

    It would seem Jelly Roll's account of Aaron Haris, Sheepbite, Madame Papa Luce and Robert Charles was coached by Lomax meaning he told Jelly before the recording of the 1938 session what he wanted him to say Here we find the only controversial remarks of all the Jelly Roll Morton Library of Congress Recordings neatly condensed into a single session First he says what's known as Voodoo in the South we call it Hoodoo in New Orleans Actually, Voodoo and Hoodoo are different from each other and Voodoo would have been practiced more in New Orleans than in the South where Hoodoo would have been practiced more in the South than New Orleans, just the opposite of what Morton said Hoodoo is conjuring or root work which formed the basis of our pharmaceutical industry today, where Voodoo is a subculture of Christianity although they both have their origins in the slave trade so  they may have blended with each other Then he says Robert Charles was arrested in a domestic dispute with his wife who called the police on him and he and shot and killed a policeman because he wouldn't let him have his hat Actually Robert Charles had been involved in an ongoing dispute over the lyching death of Sam Hose which was the reason he was sitting armed on his front porch when approached by the police  The shooting death of the polceman caused the 1900 riot Additionally he made a foolish remark about "Sheep Bite" Morton would be stabbed in the same Washington, DC bar, The Music Box, where Lomax had met him, not long after they had met there Morton's health steadily declined after the stabbing and he died in Los Angeles in 1941